The Temptations - Just My Imagination

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Was just jammin to this with some friends today in the car... The Temptations -- Just my Imagination - a classic.

Couple interesting factoids about the Temptations (compliments of wikipedia):
- the original group was a compilation of two local Detroit vocal groups -- The Distants & The Primes... coming together to first form The Elgins... before The Temptations
- at the height of his success lead singer David Ruffin got a little absurd -- he demanded he ride to and from gigs in a private mink lined limousine... he started using cocaine, and when he missed a gig at a Cleveland club the other four members had to write up legal documentation -- and fired him
- Ruffin then began turning up at Temptations shows, jumping onstage during performances of the songs he once sang lead on and stealing the spotlight. The audiences -- apparently - were delighted
- Extra security guards were hired to prevent Ruffin from attending other Temptations' performances
- the group has switched personnel multiple times; there are currently 6 members, and there are 17 former members
- The Temptations were made honorary members of Phi Beta Sigma -- don't know why
- they're known for wearing amazing matching tailored suits


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