"ALIENS NIGHT" Alien Abduction Sci-Fi Short Film

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The mysterious charm of aliens. Who would not want to meet one? Whether they are good or bad, extraterrestrials have always populated our imagination. What will be the reactions of humans in the face of creatures coming from space?

Il misterioso fascino degli alieni. Chi non vorrebbe incontrarne uno? Che siano buoni o cattivi gli extraterrestri da sempre popolano la nostra fantasia. Quali saranno le reazioni degli umani di fronte a creature giunte dallo spazio?
The sci-fi, fantasy and horror short films, with 3D CGI special effects, by italian director Andrea Ricca, achieved great public and critical success, with over 30 million viewers on the YouTube channel and positive reviews from international movie magazines such as Starburst Magazine, Scream Magazine, Gorezone, Sfx Uk, Ecran Fantastique, Dread Central, Horror Movie Ca, Horror Society, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Fangoria etc. in addition to participation in numerous film festivals.

Among his most successful films we can mention "Spider Danger", which tells of a spider that has become giant following the fall of a meteorite, with over 7 million single views and "Aliens Night" on the subject of alien abductions, with 7 million views.

The shorts participated among others at: Fantafestival, Miami Film Festival, Vienna Film Festival, Los Angeles Cine Fest, International Fantastic Film Festival, Cleveland Comic Con and many others. The works of Andrea Ricca have received the appreciation of the historic production company Hammer Film, of the special effects legend Tom Savini, were distributed in America by Troma Film, a production company that launched directors like Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone and actors like Robert De Niro, Samuel Jackson and Kevin Costner.

Graduated in Sociology and expert in videocommunication, Andrea Ricca started producing short films in 1998, initially with a social theme, and following the specialization in 3D computer graphics, in 2008, he produced short stories of genre that immediately found a strong response from the public . All videos are shot by passion, low budget, without external contributions or pay to participants, with the only help of a high-definition camera and a computer.All the short movies were made by one person, the director himself (apart from the actors) who dealt with directing, subject, screenplay, special effects, post-production editing and sound.

All videos can be watched free on the official website: www.andrearicca.it



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